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Content Themes

All content delivered at Civil Service Live 2019 aims to:

EDUCATE civil servants by sharing information and new ideas that change thinking and allow civil servants to learn new skills.

ENGAGE civil servants by making them feel part of a brilliant civil service, demonstrating excellent cross departmental working and building networks of civil servants who can support each other to improve outcomes.

INSPIRE civil servants to adopt the vision and demonstrate leadership, learn new skills and improve their office environment to provide better public services.

The Civil Service vision ‘A Brilliant Civil Service’ forms the banner under which Civil Service Live sits. 

A brilliant Civil Service that helps to keep the United Kingdom prosperous and secure, supporting the governments we serve in implementing their commitments and delivering high quality services for the public.

United by our strong sense of public service, we continue to live by the enduring values – integrity, honesty, impartiality and objectivity - that run through all that we do.

To make the vision a reality we will deliver improved outcomes for the country, from effective leaders, leading skilled people in a great place to work.